Autumn 2016 Term Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to extend a few thanks to all the staff who worked to ensure our children had a great time at the summer holiday clubs in Woolston Stockton Heath and Sankey.

Our Bruche building is now refurbished and looks great. We have moved to the newly built Barrow Hall School on Sophia Drive and have taken residence in our own building on the new Omega site. It’s been a lot of hard work for everybody, but well worth the wait. Our nursery has also been refurbished with refreshed outside play areas and new signage being put up across our sites.

As a reminder to staff parents and children our policies and risk assessments are reviewed throughout the year and are available in club and on our website for you to view.

Key policies and risk assessments that have been changed this year include:

  • Collection and transport
  • Outside and inside play
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • British values and equal opportunities

To reflect the electronic age, five of our settings now use IConnect and ParentMail. This communication facility works alongside Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and will also allow parents to access their invoices online. We will also shortly be introducing the facility to make payments online.

Please ask your club manager for the password should you require this facility.

As a reminder we would kindly ask you to speak with your child/ren regarding behaviour when attending Link Club. We have a zero tolerance policy on unacceptable behaviour to peers or staff within the settings. All children attend Link Club to enjoy themselves, we welcome all who are able to respect club rules.

For those who do not respect these policies, the staff will initially speak with the child and ask them to review their actions. The staff member may then speak to the parents and/or complete an incident report depending on the severity of the behaviour. The child will be given an opportunity to improve their performance. However, should any unacceptable behaviour continue, we will speak with the parent and the service may be withdrawn.

In certain circumstances, if the actions of the child is severe, the staff will phone the parent/s or carer and ask them to collect the child immediately and service may be withdrawn.

We understand children may be tired and excited at the start of school term, it takes time to adjust and get back into school routine, but we request your support in reiterating the rules and boundaries your child needs to adhere to as detailed in our terms and conditions of service.

We trust your child has settled in well during the start to the autumn term and look to being of service to you throughout this academic year and beyond.

Kind regards

The Directors and Senior Management Team